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I am a homeschooling mum of four boys ages 26, 22.15 and 13.  I work out of my at-home private art studio here in New England as a freelance artist. I enjoy art and designing.  I homeschool my two younger boys at home~ it works really well, where hubby and I both work out of our home we get to spend lots of time with our "guys". I also enjoy blogging and helping others teach their children at home.  Especially if they are not happy in public school and may have learning differences. My blog is: http://learnersathome.blogspot.com/ and I also am list owner of the Yahoo Group All Kinds of Learners, link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/allkindsoflearners/ a great community where parents, home educators, teachers, physicians, therapists etc.. all come together to share and help each other in the journey of teaching our children, its really fun~!

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